With the evolving nature and complexity of the healthcare industry, Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) continues to grow exponentially, becoming essential in efforts to improve health care and achieve better health outcomes on reduced costs.

Although medication therapy management can present challenges for pharmacists and patients, the benefits it provides are significant. Community pharmacies provide an ideal situation to provide MTM services, as they house medication records, provide clinical services such as vaccinations, and can be convenient for patients to access.

Historically, payment in healthcare has been based on volume. This has shifted to payment based on value. In value-based care, clinical outcomes are what matter most and your performance on quality measurements is important to your bottom line.

Since pharmacies can impact up to 50% of a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) and Medicare Advantage Drug Plans (MADP), health plans are eager to work with pharmacies that can help them achieve high ratings. When they achieve higher ratings, pharmacies receive more reimbursement for all other services are higher.

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