Our team will help you to understand the vast opportunity of increasing front-end sales by identifying your most profitable streams of revenue. We’ll offer various solutions and guide you in the process of increasing your front-end sales based on products already in your store, or by bringing in new lines and provide you with strategies that can be used over and over again to maximize your profits.

Our key goals:

• Discover better outcomes and improved therapeutic options for your patients

• Increase your average margin dollars per prescription

• Earn more profits without filling more prescriptions

• Gain access to turnkey resources to make implementing as simple as possible

We will work with you to identify and implement additional services and programs to increase streams of revenue that require minimal time and investment.

• Adherence packaging

• Medication synchronization

• Long-acting injectable antipsychotic

• Naloxone (Narcan or Evzio)

• Nutritional supplements

• Health screenings

• Corporate wellness

• Vaccines and immunizations

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